Dear Test Drive Participants!

We are still working very hard on our newer Test Drive Cars.  
We are still continuing with our great program for August & September, however we will still use our current cars. 
if you choose to wait until 2020 to ensure we will have our new Test Drive Cars - that is totally fine and you can rebook if you like.
If you have a gift certificate that may expire this year, do not worry, we will certainly extend it until the end of the 2020 Race Season. 

We are now totally booked up for this year for Test Drives

If you have a Test Drive Certificate that will expire this year DO NOT WORRY! We always accommodate your certificate! We will extend it until the end of our 2020 Race Season.

If you have a Race School Voucher, we can also accommodate you throughout the week. Please email Loretta at to discuss dates and times!


If you have a group of 6 or more, you can book your own session mid-week, it can be during the day or a week-day evening. Email Loretta directly at if you have a group of 6 guests or more.



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