JULY 27, 2020

We are aiming to start our Test Drives on August 22. We will keep the groups small so that we can ensure we can do these safely. However if AHS and the Provincial Government change any guidelines with respect to Covid-19, we will have to update our processes as well. Please keep in touch!

If you have a Race School Certificate, please contact Loretta directly at to book! Thank you!

Thank you for being so patient with us at EIR in Wetaskiwin!

Important to note! We will NEVER let your Certificate expire, it will be valid until you are able to use it. 

Saturday, August 22 - 9 AM - BOOKED
Sunday, August 23 - 12 NOON - BOOKED
Saturday, August 29 - 9 AM 
Saturday, September 5 - 9 AM
Saturday, September 12 - 9 AM
Sunday, September 13 - 12 NOON
Saturday, September 19 - 9 AM

Edmonton International Raceway Registration Form

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*Certificate Number (please note that all Test Drives and Race Schools must be pre-purchased)
*Date Requested
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Are there any special needs we need to be made aware of? (i.e Height, Size, Ect)
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